Christin and I want to thank each and every player and parent for accepting Meghan and our whole family into your ELITE family. This has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting summers our family has been a part of and hope and pray this experience continues. We have enjoyed every second with each of you and have really come to realize that we have made some lifetime friends!! I want to let each of the parents know that this is by far the most respectable and well raised group of young teenage girls I’ve had the chance to be around.

I also want to give a huge THANKS to the whole Elite family for each of their parts in making this team as successful as it is. I do want to single out Danny Jones and all other coaches for the hundreds of hours they have poured into our daughters learning, understanding, and discipline of this wonderful sport. Last but not least, Thank You, Laura, for all the headache you put yourself thru to make travels plans go as smooth as they do!

The girls of ELITE ’97 have accomplished something only a few girls their age can say they have done! And that is they have captured 2nd place at the

2010 14u WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!

Jason Marbury


     We are so very proud of you! We watched you battle through injuries, cold weather, hot weather, disappointment and some really good competition. Through it all you had lots of fun and remained wonderful young human beings.

Take a minute and thank your parents for the never wavering suppport they gave you. Most importantly thank your coaches, especially head coach Danny Jones, for the time and love they gave you.

I consider it a great blessing to have had the opportunity to see a small portion of your development. Whatever happens in life God loves you and I do too.
Peace, love and grace to you!

     To the parents:
Your love for our daughters was very evident yesterday. While we felt great disappointment at the announcement made by the USFA, let's not repeat that mistake. This is all about those beautiful young ladies. Whatever decisions are made going forward need to have only them in mind. Any decision about playing 14B and under should be left up to them.

It is hard to understand God's Will being done in some ways. Pray with me that His perfect Will has its intended results. In obedience to God, we should also pray for the decision makers at USFA. At the very least this is a teaching moment for us as parents that this life is not always fair and we are promised hardships and obstacles along life's way. It's how we respond to those trials by which we will be judged. Let's show the world what real "class" and real "winning" looks like.

I consider it a great pleasure to count each of you as friends and fellow sons and daughters of a true and living God. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
May God's love, peace and grace overwhelm you!
Lindsay Carter

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